About Videnoir Couture

Videnoir Couture is a handmade, hand-print lingerie and corsetry brand where you can find unique, one of a kind theatrical items to adorn your outfits. Alis, the owner of Videnoir Couture, quit her job as a costume maker for the theatre and created her own brand at the beginning of 2014.

have worked a tailor for the theatre, making burlesque and sometimes historical clothing and Cosplay outfits. Always in love with the gothic style.Personally love dressing up and wearing black clothes especially if they are full of lace.Attended an artistic high school spending a lot of time drawing .

Most of the time, She start to form a idea but when I complete it, it’s entirely different as She is being distracted by lace and applications. Her favorite way to work is starting to form an idea and work directly on the dummy to see the final result.

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